My goal as an artist is to convey the joy of life through my artwork and bring it to your home!

I officially started my full-time artist career 20 years ago.The positive energy is the key to all my paintings .My art is characterized by dynamism, bright, lively colors that illuminate every room and create a happy, unique atmosphere and a lot of texture.

I love to create large textured artwork on canvas or wood using oils, acrylics and mixed media. When I paint a landscape, seascape, flowers or an abstract artwork, I'm trying to send you my positive vibe that will hopefully give you a smile on your face, connect to a faraway happy land or welcome you home after a busy day! Each one of my paintings has a story behind it. They're part of my dreams, hopes for tomorrow, memories from yesterday, dreams of the future.
If you would like to feel energetic, inspired, happy take a look and enjoy my online gallery!

About my artwork and the production process:
I use oils, acrylics and other materials as sand, varnish, glass pieces .I use a variety of techniques : Alla Prima, Impasto, Glazing, Scumbling, Dry Brush Technique, Wet in Wet and other techniques .
I start with the white gallery wrapped canvas or just a simple unstretched canvas for the larger size paintings. All the canvases used are base coated with acid free , ph-balanced acrylic gesso. So, they are ready to paint on. I choose my subject and I start to paint the background first.
Please, see below for each style of painting:
- the impressionist style of painting : I add to the background already painted the textured elements as flowers, grass, depends on the subject. I use a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes of palette knives/painting knives depends on the size of the canvas and the subject as well. The texture usually is made out of oils paints, quick drying extender gel and sometimes sand.
-fantasy, whimsical style: I add to the background the main subject as a tree for example-first the body of the tree, the leaves, the fruits or flowers-usually I use the brush technique on these kind of paintings. Sometimes, I use my sponge as well .
After the paintings are dry I apply one to two coats of varnish. After the varnish is dry, I paint the sides of the canvas if it wasn't painted before( for already stretched canvas).

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